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Active haptics is also becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. There are many different technologies and possibilities for generating this. However, they also quickly reach their limits.

Many different factors have to be considered to develop excellent haptic feedback in, for example, a steering wheel, dashboard or control panel in a car. Many questions arise: How much installation space do I have available? How should the component be controlled? What mechanics are behind it? Do I want to generate a “click” sound or not? What does the component cost? Is it suitable for automotive use?

This is exactly where our task starts: Automotive grade haptic actuators are hard to find, especially if they are supposed to be space-saving and cost-efficient, but should not suffer any loss of quality in haptic performance.

Because we, GREWUS GmbH, do not see this as a problem, we are looking forward to finding solutions (with you)!

We act as a haptics solution provider and act as haptics experts worldwide. We know about the challenges and costs of active haptic feedback. The installation space often plays a decisive role, especially for small applications like smartphones and -watches, joysticks or portable consoles. However, even in a comparatively large car, there is not much “leeway” for active haptics. Our solution: We have developed an automotive-qualified LRA (Linear Resonant Actuator) with a particularly compact design.

The LRA is one of the smallest and most robust haptic actuators on the market. It is easy to install due to the way it works in the suspended system. This means that the LRA does not require any complex mechanics. It is enough to attach it under a surface so that active haptic feedback can be generated – it sounds so simple, and it is; plus, we also have a huge space-saving.

Our LRA is qualified according to AEC-Q200 and complies with automotive-grade reliability. The LRA operates in the temperature range of -40 to + 85°C specified by the automotive industry and thus complies with automotive quality standards and norms.

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