We don't use lots of technical jargon

We are your colleagues in acoustics and haptics. That means: like a personnel development department, we work together with you on individual solutions that deliver maximum added value and cost efficiency. We check the specific requirements of your application, recommend the most suitable components, and adapt them to your application and production processes. And because we also include factors such as function, quality, sustainability, engineering costs, reliability, PPM number, and logistics in the development process, we will find the most cost-effective solution for you and your bottom line. Guaranteed!

An eye for every detail

Latest technologies

We do precision work so that your customers are completely satisfied. We ensure the consistently high quality of our products with the latest soldering and spot welding techniques as well as the most modern tools and machines. This increases reliability, minimizes rejects, and makes production more economical.

In-house test laboratory

We use our own test laboratory with professional measuring equipment to your products through their paces. In addition to tests to ensure compliance with current industry standards, we also carry out long-term function tests, safety tests, and any specific tests you may request. We would be happy to inform you about our available test options.