Looking for added value?

We can name 100 different ways you'll get added value

There are many reasons to choose GREWUS. For example, we can supply you with outstanding, individual products while you benefit from the time and cost advantages of our production processes. In addition, we provide competent advice and deliver all services from a single source so that you can concentrate on the essentials: your business. In addition to all these hard facts, we offer trusting, collegial cooperation that will make you and us confident and happy in your decision to work with us: this is an added value that many of our customers particularly value about us.

Let us show you the benefits of working with Grewus

Individualized product development

GREWUS doesn't offer off-the-shelf products. We ask questions, make suggestions, and work with you to develop new ideas that deliver real added value. We use intelligent engineering to adapt, optimize, and align every one of our components to your application's requirements and your specific production conditions. This reduces product complexity and can considerably simplify many processes. This will save time, avoid unnecessary costs, and increase your competitiveness!

Everything from a single source

We offer you a full package of services related to the development, production, and delivery of individual acoustic and haptic components. From the initial consultation to quality assurance, certification, packaging, logistics, customs clearance, and storage and even returns management. This saves your company time, costs, and valuable human resources that you can use elsewhere.

Modern storage systems

We have our own warehouse featuring a highly modern goods management system at our Hamburg location. This is where we keep your products available for fast, just-in-time delivery, either via our partner forwarding agents or your favourite logistics company. To ensure the secure transport of your goods, we use reusable packaging and pallets that we manage completely on your behalf. So you don't have to worry about tracking pallets or anything else.

Comprehensive advice

Our goal is to adapt your products as exactly as possible to your needs and the requirements of your application. That's why we provide support from the initial idea to final delivery and beyond. This way, you get individual products with high innovation potential at competitive prices.

Simple communication

We rely on understandable communication and avoid unnecessary technical jargon so that there are no misunderstandings. This way you always have control over your order and can be sure to get exactly what you asked for. We explain every step so that you can work with us immediately, even without any specialist knowledge in the fields of acoustics and haptics.

Maximum liquidity

With us, you have the most reliable supply possible without having to invest in inventory up-front. This gives you room to make other investments.