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We introduce ourselves

We are based on the north side of the historic Hanseatic city of Hamburg and have our heart at the right place. Since 2007, we have been there for our customers seeking to develop and manufacture customized solutions for industry. Our goal is always to offer exactly the right product with optimal quality at fair prices. We achieve this primarily by working closely with our customers: we believe that perfection can only be achieved if we really understand your needs. This philosophy has made us the market leader in just a few years. And that’s something we’re proud of.

Achieving great things together

Open, collegial, professional.

Our Commitment

We enjoy our work and have fun innovating. In close cooperation with our customers, we develop new ideas for individual acoustic and haptic components, always with an eye on your requirements and budget. We see ourselves as collegial contacts for our customers’ employees and handle all enquiries quickly and flexibly without a lot of hassle. This is how we have continued to grow together with our customers.

Everything under one roof.

Our Services

Whether you’re in automotive, white goods, or medical technology, we know your industry and we know what matters most to you. That’s why our specialists work together with you to create solutions for your individual requirements from acoustic signals to innovative haptic feedback systems. We help you find the right product for your application, adapt it to your needs and production processes, manufacture product samples, arrange for economical production, and ensure on-time delivery. In other words, you benefit from our expertise in every phase of your project.

Working as peers and colleagues to meet your requirements.

Our Team

Our team consists of acoustic specialists and highly qualified sound engineers who keep up with the latest developments in the acoustic components industry. Some of our employees have been working in this field for over twenty years. This offers a solid guarantee of results and customer satisfaction. Our innovative and creative spirit and our desire to turn ideas into reality, constantly lead us to invent new and even better acoustic products.

We are your colleagues in acoustics and haptics

Konstantin Hubert
Customer Service

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 27
Ralf Sandomeer
Managing Director

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 0
Elisa Santella
Managing Director

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 0
Ralf Hinnerichs
Head of Quality & Engineering

+49(0) 4344 815 035 1
Jana Börner
Customer Service

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 21
Benedikt Pohl
Key Account Manager

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 29
Rabea Richter
Assistent Technical Direction

+49(0) 4344 815 035 3
Anouschka Esselun
Project Manager

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 17
Christopher Pagel
Application Engineer

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 28
Carolin Rau

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 18
Uwe Bartsch
Key Account Manager

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 16
Andrea Skrobic
Head of Marketing

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 12
Per Jörgen Grote
Key Account Manager

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 14
Grit Eick

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 19
Ronny Töllner
Customer Service & Logistic Manager

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 23
Daniel Santella
Product Manager

+49(0) 40 539 32 64 24