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The Haptic-Evaluation-Board

Control of electromagnetic actuators made easy

Especially in the fi eld of prototyping and testing of haptic technologies, often complex electronics / development kits and setups are needed to generate the desired haptic signal. With our new HEBO, we provide an easy and comprehensive solution for that. It is a board to which many types of electromagnetic actuators can be connected, and which includes driving chips.

It is designed to drive all electromagnetic actuators in an uncomplicated and straight forward way, but still having various advanced features built-in. The form factor is rectangular and small. Hence, the board can also be used for application development with a focus on mass production.

It’s unique capabilities allow the user to easily adapt and tune the desired haptic feedback, regardless of the technologies and surface properties. It can be used for simplest prototyping jobs but also for advanced development projects, where repetitiveness and consistency is key. With a simple UI, the haptic feedback pattern for the actuators and the trigger can be chosen. Through GPIOs, you will be able to couple your sensor technology with the board to off er the greatest possible fl exibility and user-friendliness here.

The focus is on the haptics, not the furnishings

Your benefits with an HEBO

  • Plug-and-play solution
    • Touch display for easy controls
    • Four ready to play actuators incl.
    • Changeable haptic parameters
    • Ability to run one or more actuators at once
    • No advanced software knowledge needed, easy for beginners to use
  • Driving
    • Compatible actuators are for example Exciters, LRAs, specific Solenoids and Voice Coils
  • Haptik Patterns
    • Load and edit haptic waveform patterns and assign them to specific actuators or triggers
    • Tune haptic patterns to the actuator’s resonance frequency automatically
    • Im- and export of .wav data and possibility to save waveforms
  • Sensing
    • Digital trigger inputs / GPIOs
    • Adjust touch and/or release as trigger
    • Slider function
  • Rapid prototyping
    • Quick connectivity and a nice user-interface puts the focus on the haptic and not the setup
  • Trigger possibility with any device input up to 24 volt
    • Comes with external trigger input to allow for easy connectivity to in-house prototypes or different types of switches