Bild AVAS / Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

AVAS - Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System

Safety-related marketing

Electric and hybrid vehicles are quiet and barely audible, especially at speeds up to 20 km/h. The lack of engine and rolling noise thus eliminates a safety-relevant noise source that automatically warns other road users of an approaching vehicle. Since the advent of electric vehicles, pedestrians have increasingly fallen victim to this source of danger. This circumstance has forced the industry’s hand; the result is AVAS.


Our Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System is a sound module controlled via the CAN-BUS of each electric vehicle. Thus, it can emit a driving sound during start-up (0-20km/h), which warns other road users of an approaching vehicle; it is thus safety-relevant and a marketing tool. We have recognized the extended advantage of AVAS and use the sound reproduction for their own individual electric vehicle sound, thus creating a recognition value, which is significantly incorporated into the vehicle design.

What does our AVAS do?

  • Legal conformity
    • Our AVAS is compliant with all related legal requirements
  • More safety
    • You effectively warn other road users
  • Design freedom
    • You can reproduce your own approved sound design
    • Attractive design
  • Easy integration
    • Easy plug and play after prior programming by GREWUS
    • Various mounting options
  • Multiple-use possible
    • Besides the playback of driving sounds, other warning sounds can also be played back