Peter Rückfahalarm montiert

Third-Octave (PeTer) Backup alarm

Better localizable reduces noise pollution and protects other road users

Although commercial vehicles are equipped with an audible reversing warning system, serious accidents occur time and again. This is because the widely audible beep also has downsides: Road users in the vehicle’s immediate vicinity find it difficult to localize the sound, while it also startles uninvolved residents.

A third-octave noise, on the other hand, as generated by our reversing alarm, concentrates on the immediate danger zone, thus reducing noise pollution while increasing safety. The reverse warning/alarm system emits a so-called third-octave noise, which sounds more pleasant to human ears than tonal warning signals and is in an easily audible frequency range. In addition, the reverse warning system can be customized (sound, volume and timing) because the application and installation locations as well as the intended use of a signalling device, vary from customer to customer.

As a further option, we offer the PeTer-auto. This automatically orients itself to the ambient volume; in this way, the highest possible effect can be generated at a low noise level with “PeTer-auto.”

The all-round device of acoustic signalling

Your benefits with an PeTer

  • Individual adaptation to your application
    • Tone, volume and timing can be customized to your application
  • Up to four variants
    • PeTer can be programmed with up to four different tones or four-volume levels
  • More security
    • Precise localization thanks to level third-octave noise
  • Reduction of ambient noise
    • Reduction of noise smog
  • Market standard design and connectivity
    • Any reverse alarm/overload alarm can be easily replaced
  • PeTer-automatic
    • Optional version / PeTer-auto: Adjusts automatically (triple / stepwise) to the ambient noise level