Even if you don't know us yet

you already know many of our products

Most acoustic signalling devices and haptic actuators are hidden deep within larger products. You only notice them when they become active. They are often the ones that breathe “life” into a product: the typical beeping, humming, knocking, or vibrating that makes the product recognisable for users and lets them build a relationship to it. That’s why it is so important to select exactly the right acoustic or haptic component that best suits your product.


You have probably already encountered one of our acoustic signal sensores or haptic actuators. For example, the beep from your dishwasher or your egg cooker, the click of the car-tic-toc-signal or the seat belt warning in your car, the ringing of your office phone, or a tactile acknowledgement signal from your touch-display. Our services are hiding in plain sight in many everyday products. We have long been an essential part of the automotive, white goods, and communication technology sectors. Here are just some of the many applications for our components: We hope you enjoy trying them out.

Individually developed modules, products, and systems

We will find the right solution for you and your application

On request, we can manufacture individually developed modules, products, or complete systems according to your specifications. We will handle all the steps. From research, development, and installation of sensing modules (including taking into account the specified dimensions) to component programming or circuit board design prototyping. We look forward to hearing about your project!


Traveling safely by car

You will find our acoustic signalling devices in almost every car. They are always precisely tailored to the character of the vehicle and make the journey more pleasant and safe. Our haptic actuators are also increasingly being used on automotive touch panels.

Commercial vehicles

We also supply components for large vehicles

Even small modules can help move giants. For example, the reverse alarm systems that you hear every day in many lorries, buses, construction equipment, and work machines all over the world. They not only make things easier for drivers and construction workers, they also make a significant contribution to preventing accidents.

White goods

Little everyday helpers from Grewus

Whether it’s your washing machine, dishwasher, extractor hood, or microwave, our signal transmitters help you operate these devices. We help make life a little easier and more pleasant within your four walls.

PeTer Backupalarm

The trailblazing intelligent reversing alarm

Many of our products save lives. This also includes our back-up alarm PeTer. (The name refers to the sound level in the third octave that the alarm emits.) The new alarm system is one of the first to comply with the current UN specification for reversing alarms.

Haptic touch and control panels

Everyday applications you feel in your fingertips

Operating elements are increasingly integrated into smooth, seamless surfaces. This is where our exciters and actuators come in by noticeably acknowledging every input. This is chic, innovative and hygienic, which is why our solutions are in great demand in the automotive industry as well as by kitchen appliance manufacturers and in medical technology.

AVAS Soundmodule

Make road traffic audibly safer

Electric vehicles are so silent that pedestrians and other road users are at risk of not noticing them. Our AVAS systems ensure road safety that complies with safety standards.