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MArFi - Mobile Artificial Finger

The mobile measurement system for quantifying haptics

Today, haptic feedback is not only experienced in smartphones, but also in smart surfaces for vehicles, washing machines, and other everyday appliances. Haptic feedback provides new design possibilities and tailored touch feedback, but it must be designed accordingly.

As the perception of a haptic vibration is perceived subjectively by each person, it is important to be able to define and quantify the feeling with measured data. This is where our MArFi comes in. The MArFi is a handheld device that lets you mimic force pressure to the surface while measuring the vibration of the surface you are designing. The MArFi is a mobile and easy-to-use system you can use to quantify haptics – a world first.

The Big advantage of the MArFi is that you do not need a complex setup. Just connect the handheld MArFi to the control system. The control system consists of a screen with a simple UI where you can setup your measurement, perform and see the measurement, but also transferring the data to your PC for further analysis. Bring the MArFi with you and use it within the design
phase, on prototypes or fi nished products to learn how your haptic feedback behaves.

On the spot quantification

Your advantages with the MArFi

  • Quantifying haptics
    • Manual setting of force pressure (0-20N)
    • Accelerometer to measure surface vibration
    • Software UI to perform and see the measurement data
  • Easy to use
    • Handheld with finger grip for convenience
    • Small size with different finger tips to fit diff erent surface structures
    • Lightweight
  • Adaptable and movable
    • Powered by a single adapter
    • Connect the MArFi to the standalone screen or to the ArFi
    • Easy data transfer between MArFi and the PC