Niceclick: the perfect haptic system for the automotive industry

GREWUS has expanded its range of haptic solutions with Niceclick, truly one-of-a-kind. The innovative system was especially developed for the challenges facing the automotive industry. In contrast to other actuators, it can be operated at low voltages. This significantly reduces costs and increases user safety. Niceclick is an extremely fast, yet very small actuator. A very special aspect of Niceclick is its efficiency: it generates the greatest possible haptic feedback with the smallest possible dimensions. These key advantages make Niceclick the optimal haptic system for cost-effective use in mass-produced vehicle models.

Niceclick works with the latest TOUCH 4-D concept. A technology developed in 4 dimensions: Niceclick recognizes the position of the finger pressure on any two-dimensional surface and generates haptic feedback. Niceclick technology allows various operating elements to be imitated on a touchscreen: from old-fashioned push buttons to rotary knobs, dials, and sliders. The system can be configured using software and can be adapted to a wide variety of operating options. User-friendly, flexible, inexpensive. What more could you want?


Niceclick also has an integrated sensing system. In other words, every time the touch surface is touched, the system measures the force exerted by the finger. If certain values are exceeded (as configured in the software), the system reacts with the previously defined haptic feedback. The double function makes Niceclick even more versatile, because additional force sensors are not necessary. By integrating Niceclick into its product portfolio, GREWUS has once again created important added value for the automotive industry. We would be happy to demonstrate our haptic solutions to you as part of a workshop or in person. Let yourself be surprised and speak to our haptics experts.