⚡AVAS MONDAY – Trends & Innovations

In times of dwindling resources, increasing costs, and a digital lifestyle where multifunctional devices make our lives easier, the demand for innovative and simplifying technology is growing steadily. The automotive industry is not exempt from this trend. Along with autonomous vehicles, complex entertainment systems, and the CAN bus, other components are also becoming increasingly important. These include AVAS.

Considering the industry’s innovative strength, it is expected that AVAS systems will soon be used not only as electric sound modules but also as all-rounders in the automotive industry. They could not only act as reversing alarms and turning assistants, but also contribute to further noise reduction by adjusting the volume to ambient noise levels.

In light of the increasing importance of safety in road traffic and the growing popularity of lidar and turning assistants, an AVAS system could be connected to the car’s sensors or equipped with its sensors. As a result, it could emit sounds only when movements are detected near the vehicle. This would not only warn of a collision, but also help to use the start-up sound more efficiently.

In addition to the already mentioned applications of AVAS in the field of traffic safety, there is also potential for its use as an alarm system for theft protection. By intelligently combining volume and frequency, AVAS systems can produce very loud and unpleasant noises that can deter potential thieves and prevent them from carrying out their plans.

This would not only increase the safety of vehicles, but also reduce costs in vehicle production and installation. This could enable car manufacturers to reduce costs and ultimately offer customers a price advantage.

It remains exciting, and it is still uncertain where the technical requirements and desires of consumers and users will lead us.