The knowledge you can touch – GREWUS Haptic-Workshop on 19 and 20 February 2020 in Hamburg

Whether in the automotive industry, medical technology or modern household appliances: Smart Surfaces with smooth, seamless user interfaces are in vogue. Thanks to their elegant appearance, versatility and excellent hygienic properties, they are being used in more and more areas. Haptic actuators make the operation of such surfaces more comfortable and safer because they provide users with tangible feedback.


Our two-day workshop will explain how various haptic systems work and show you how to integrate them into your products and solutions in a meaningful way. Get to know the basics of haptic perception, be introduced to the different technologies and learn how to implement haptic solutions in design development, project planning, production or quality assurance.


Look forward to concentrated expertise on the subject of haptics. The workshop will be presented in an easy-to-understand manner, with clear theoretical and practical explanations, and supplemented by interesting guest lectures from our partner companies TactoTek and Cypress Semiconductor. Our workshop is aimed at employees in development departments and all those who deal with haptics issues in their company.


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Registration deadline: 19.12.2019