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LRA Automotive

Active haptics is also becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. There are many different technologies and possibilities for generating this. However, they also quickly reach their limits. Many different factors have to be considered to develop excellent haptic feedback in, for example, a steering…

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EuroHaptics 2022 – Workshop Sunday 22.05.2022

HANDS-ON TUTORIAL: PARTICIPATORY INTEGRATION OF HAPTIC ACTUATORS AND THEIR LIMITATIONS The workshop will offer a variety of different demonstrators and a modularized system in order to experience and evaluate core considerations when integrating active haptic actuators into any application. The main take-away is aimed at…

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Haptics Club #20 Quantification of haptics with Elisa Santella

The Haptics Club was founded, as they say about themselves, “by geeks.” There is an association of haptics experts who love to discuss and exchange active haptic feedback. For this purpose, they invite well-known personalities of the haptics scene worldwide every two weeks and pester…

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Piezo components for targeted haptic feedback

With some control panels, it makes sense to acknowledge entries via selective haptic feedback without causing the entire control surface to vibrate. Piezo components are perfect for this because they ensure targeted, selective lifting movement of the user interface (local feedback). This short vertical movement…

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Exciter and Voice-Coil actuators for general haptic feedback

Touch panels and other smooth user interfaces are easier to use if they acknowledge inputs with a signal. Our exciters and voice coil actuators are haptic components that are attached below the user interface and cause the entire surface to vibrate briefly when touched (global…

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Niceclick: the perfect haptic system for the automotive industry

GREWUS has expanded its range of haptic solutions with Niceclick, truly one-of-a-kind. The innovative system was especially developed for the challenges facing the automotive industry. In contrast to other actuators, it can be operated at low voltages. This significantly reduces costs and increases user safety.…

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PeTer: The back-up alarm system for commercial vehicles

Many of our products save lives. This also includes our back-up alarm PeTer. The new alarm system is one of the first to comply with the current UN specification for reversing alarms. (The name refers to the sound level in the third octave that the…

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AVAS Soundmodule: The Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are so silent that pedestrians and other road users are at risk of not noticing them. Our AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) sound modules ensure road safety that complies with safety standards. The acoustic warning systems are designed to make quiet vehicles audible…

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ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) systems

In our ever louder world, islands of calm are becoming increasingly important. Our anti-noise systems can actively suppress ambient noise. In order to neutralize the disruptive noise, a counter sound with opposite polarity is generated. In this way, for example, the interior of luxury vehicles…

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Innovative microphones

The growing number of smart speakers and other voice-controlled devices requires increasingly powerful microphones that can be quickly, easily, and inexpensively integrated into a wide variety of devices. We develop and manufacture classic, piezo, and MEMS microphones for a wide variety of applications. A special…

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