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EuroHaptics 2022 – Workshop Sunday 22.05.2022

HANDS-ON TUTORIAL: PARTICIPATORY INTEGRATION OF HAPTIC ACTUATORS AND THEIR LIMITATIONS The workshop will offer a variety of different demonstrators and a modularized system in order to experience and evaluate core considerations when integrating active haptic actuators into any application. The main take-away is aimed at…

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Conference “Haptic Feedback & Printed Electronics” on 16.+17.11.2020

Since components with printed conductors and integrated haptic feedback have become indispensable in the market, the Lüdenscheid Plastics Institute will, for the first time, offer a specialist conference at which the participants can find out about the latest developments in these areas and exchange ideas.…

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The knowledge you can touch – GREWUS Haptic-Workshop on 19 and 20 February 2020 in Hamburg

Whether in the automotive industry, medical technology or modern household appliances: Smart Surfaces with smooth, seamless user interfaces are in vogue. Thanks to their elegant appearance, versatility and excellent hygienic properties, they are being used in more and more areas. Haptic actuators make the operation…

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Complementary product developments

In the areas of acoustics and haptics, many different components and technologies are used, from microphones and loudspeakers to linear resonant actuators (LRAs), SMT and THT buzzers, to sensors and piezo disks. Thanks to our broad technological expertise, we are able to use these components…

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