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Acoustic signal sensores and haptic actuators are being installed in an increasing number of machines, systems, and devices. They warn, remind, inform, give users feedback on operation, and help people find their way in everyday life.


At GREWUS, we develop and produce innovative acoustic signal sensores and haptic actuators for all industries and applications. You will find our products in many vehicles and industrial plants, in the office, in the household, and even in medical technology. You probably have already come into contact with our signalling devices, because we are one of the market leaders in our field worldwide. We also develop and manufacture suitable solutions for your products, always tailored to your requirements and with “sensible” added value for you and your customers.

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interACTIVE HAPTICS Conference 2023

We start the next round after our Haptics Workshop in February 2020. Welcome to the interACTIVE HAPTICS Conference in Hamburg! Target: BRINGING HMI-RELEVANT DISCIPLINES TOGETHER What all needs to be considered when integrating haptics into your application? What is the interaction of the design, the…

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After the fair is before the fair!

The International Suppliers Fair (IZB) is now unfortunately over. Behind us lie three exciting days full of inspiration, exciting conversations and innovative impressions in Wolfsburg. Thank you for that!   At the end of each trade fair, it’s time to dismantle – everything gone, everything…

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Wir sind auf der Automotive Interiors Expo in Stuttgart!

2021 war das erste Mal AIE für uns – und es war großartig! Deshalb sind wir dieses Jahr wieder dabei und freuen uns schon sehr. Los geht’s am 08. November. Dann gibt es wieder 3 Tage mit spannenden Vorträgen zum Thema haptisches Feedback. Gibt es…

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